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Friday, February 9, 2018

Drake's Good Deeds Are Making Fans Proud | HeyShae!

Remember when Drake rapped, "There's times when I might blow like 50k on a vacation..?" As he travels the world, I'm sure that figure is looking a lot more like chump change to the successful rapper and entrepreneur.

In addition to dropping tens of thousands on extravagant vacations, there are also times when Drake 'blows like 50k' paying people's tuition, or at the grocery store.

In fact, the Canadian rapper recently donated $75k to Trouble High School in Philadelphia. He also spent some time and money doing good deeds in Miami such as funding OVA-designed school uniforms for $25k at Miami Senior High, where he filmed part of a music video.

He stopped by Miami University to present a very happy student with a scholarship check for $50k, and spent another $50k paying for the groceries of every shopper in the Sabor Tropical supermarket. Announcing his intentions via a megaphone, Drake encouraged the bewildered shoppers to load up as he happily paid for each of their purchases.

Kudos to to Drizzy, what a pleasant surprise that must have to been.


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