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Friday, November 10, 2017

Jelani Maraj Found Guilty | HeyShae!

After a disgusting display of victim shaming earlier this year, Jelani Maraj, 38, faced a jury in a sexual assault trial against his former stepdaughter. The trail lasted just three weeks. Maraj claimed his ex-wife, Jacqueline Robinson, put the children up to lying so she could extort $25 million from his sister, rapper and singer Nicki Minaj. Despite initial reports of being backed Minaj, the entertainer never took the stand in support of her brother.

Maraj's ship was completely sunken by the detailed testimony of his former stepchildren. The 14-year-old victim testified that Maraj sodomized her, slapped her around, and threatened her into silence at the age of 11-years-old. Her brother, 10, gave a damning recount of the time he caught Maraj with his "underwear close to his knees" while his sister had her "pants around her ankles."

Thankfully Maraj was found guilty of predatory sexual assault on a child younger than 13 and for endangering the welfare of a child. A sentencing trail is set for December 14th, Maraj faces 25 to life for this heinous crime.



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