Drake's Tattoos: Random or Nah

At a glance, Drake seems to have the most random tattoo such as the number 416, a Drakkar Noir bottle, a pink flower with a bee, and a jack-o-lantern.


On second glance, the rapper's tattoos are also like an old school photo album with portraits of his mom, dad, uncle, and grandmother. 

In addition to his family members, Drake also has portraits of his idols including the late R&B singer Aaliyah, Sade (there are two of her!). He also has a tattoo of his mentor Lil Wayne and most recently, the portrait of the award winning actor Denzel Washington.


When you delve deeper, you'll realize that Drake uses his body to commemorate the people in his life (family & idols), symbolic images such as the number 6 with praying hands emoji (for his nickname 6 God), and cryptograms like the flaming skull with Unruly underneath was inspired by the Jamaican DJ Popcaan, an owl that is also the OVO logo (and is also an acronym for October's Very Own), and so on and so forth.


To the viewer it may appear that Drake obtained his tattoos on a whim, but I'd say The Boy has put much thought into his body art.

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