Rihanna and Ofo: Changing Lives

Pop star Rihanna is making headlines for providing scholarships that include bicycles to girls in Malawi.

The singer has partnered her Clara Lionel Foundation (CLF) with Ofo, the free bike sharing organization, in a collaboration called the 1KM Action.

According to their website, the 1 KM Action is a collaboration between Ofo and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Their goal is to encourage low-carbon, sustainable, and Eco-friendly short-distance bike trips. Girls who qualify for a scholarships will also receive a bicycle via Ofo.

Not only are is this campaign providing a health and transportation solution, but also an opportunity for these young girls to receive an education that improves self-sufficiency, gives them an equal opportunity to join the workforce, and it opens doors for these girls to pull themselves and their families out of poverty. Kudos to Rihanna and Ofo for making a difference in the lives of these Malawian girls.

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