Queen Sugar: Must Watch TV

If you have not been keeping up with this Season 2 of Queen Sugar, you are missing some excellent TV.

Last week on Episode 7:  Siblings Ralph Angel, Nova, and Charlie had it out over at Aunt Violet's house about their dad leaving the farm to just him and his son Blue. Charlie and Nova tried to sister girl gang up on Ralph Angel, but he wasn't having any of it. He did boss up a bit too much and ended up giving Darla an ultimatum that blew up in his face. Nova learns that Aunt Violet used to own part of the farm, which Vi had never discussed with the siblings. Charlie and Davis had yet another awkward moment after he showed up with Micah at the house with a house-warming gift and she announced that she was giving a local newspaper the exclusive on their divorce - just messy!

I can't wait for Episode 8 on Wednesday, August 2. Here's the lowdown.
Ralph Angel and Darla take a big step. Darla makes an effort to reach out to her family to share big news. Aunt Vi's condition worsens. Nova's Zika story causes concern in the community, while her reunion with Dr. Robert Dubois hits a roadblock. Micah is finally able to deal with his emotions. Charley receives a surprise visit from her mother and the two have an honest conversation about Charley's upbringing. Meanwhile Charley's magazine interview raises concerns with the farmers.
It looks like this episode will be another 'can't miss' episode. Check out Queen Sugar Wednesdays on the OWN Network at 10 pm ET. In case you are wondering, the show has already been renewed for Season 3.

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