PRINCE DAY: Happy Birthday Prince!

And Happy "Prince Day" to everyone else.

In the event that you woke up this morning and was not aware, today is "Prince Day”. I kid you not, it is certainly a real day. In 2016 Mark Dayton, the governor of Minnesota, declared June 7th "Prince Day" in honor of his "contribution not only to the global catalogue of music genres, but to Minnesota's worldwide prominence and its economic growth".

Along with Minnesotans, fans across the country have taken action on social media and in their local neighborhoods to celebrate Prince Day and have actually been celebrating for days now. Here in Atlanta, I attended a very fun Prince Parade with some pretty cool fans last Saturday. A Prince birthday bash will be held on June 10th at the 360 Lounge in Charlotte. This week at Amsterdam Atlanta you can rock out at a Prince 80s Music Video Dance Party on Saturday, June 10th.

I would love to be at Paisley Park today, but that is on my bucket list.

I will be playing a mix of 59 songs for his 59th birthday. My playlist for today includes the following tracks (in no particular order):

1.    Pretty Man
2.    If I Was Your Girlfriend
3.    Little Red Corvette
4.    The Question of U
5.    Do Me Baby
6.    Joy in Repetition
7.    Mad
8.    Rebirth of the Flesh
9.    An Honest Man
10.    International Lover
11.    The Line
12.    Condition of the Heart
13.    Bob George
14.    Love Sign
15.    Lust U Always
16.    The Breakdown
17.    Old Friends 4 Sale
18.    When 2 R In Love
19.    Get Wild
20.    Let's Go Crazy
21.    Call My Name
22.    I Can't Make You Love Me
23.    100 MPH
24.    The Cross
25.    Rockhard in a Funkyplace
26.    Another Love
27.    Black Sweat
28.    Dorothy Parker
29.    Wasted Kisses
30.    Te Amo Coraz√≥n
31.    Diamonds and Pearls
32.    Take Me With you
33.    Look At Me, Look At U
34.    Anotherloverholenyohead
35.    Kiss
36.    Erotic City
37.    Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad
38.    Head
39.    This Could Be Us
40.    Scandalous
41.    Controversy
42.    17 Days
43.    Darling Nikki
44.    Adore
45.    Just Another Sucker
46.    7
47.    Lady Cab Driver
48.    Pop Life
49.    Fix Ur Life Up
50.    Billy Jack Bitch
51.    I Hate You
52.    Get Off
53.    Go
54.    Superfunkycalifragisexy
55.    Wouldn't You Love to Love Me
56.    Fury
57.    I Wanna Be Your Lover
58.    Free
59.    Purple Rain

So... what's on your playlist?

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