Coming Soon: The Emoji Movie

Sony Pictures Animation and Columbia Pictures kicks of the summer with an animated family comedy called The Emoji Movie.

Now before you roll your eyes and think they cannot possible pull off an entire movie based on the tiny characters that we love to use in our text messages, take a second to check out the synopsis and the trailer below.

The movie takes place in Textopolis, a fictional world located inside of a smartphone app where they wait to be texted into a message. The inhabitants are a variety of emoji characters who have just one job to do, hold their assigned facial expressions. However, one emoji stands out from the rest because he lacks a filter. Gene (T.J. Miller) is ashamed of his inability to control his multiple facial expressions, so he sets off on a mission with his best friend, Hi-5 (James Corden) and a well-known code breaker who is aptly named Jailbreak (Anna Faris). Gene is hoping that they can find the code that will make him just like all the other emoji characters who have just one facial expression.

The star-studded cast of voices includes Sofia Vergara (Flamenca), Patrick Stewart (poop emoji), Maya Rudolph (Smiler), Jennifer Coolidge (Mary Meh), and Christina Aguilera (Akiko Glitter).

You and your family can catch up with this cast of characters in your local theaters on July 28th. 

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