Season 7 Will Be Scandal's Last

Shonda Rhimes announced that Season 7 will be the end of Scandal. What? No more gladiators in suits? No more salacious sex in the White House, or more heinous crimes on behalf of Daddy Pope, Mama Pope, or B613? What will we do without the slanderous ramblings of Sally Langston, or Mellie's famous meltdowns after sucking down a jar of her hommade hooch?

I don't know what I'll do without Huck's crazy ass or Quinn's butchery. Where will we ever find another television personality with Olivia's fashion sense? I live for her jackets and suits! And what about Cyrus Beene? Are we really going to leave a mass murderer in the White House? I have so many questions and so little time! Oh Lord, I think I need to write Shonda a letter.

Open Letter to Shonda Rhimes:
Dear Shonda,

Please wrap Scandal up tight like a lambskin Trojan in Season 7. Don't hang us out to dry like so many other shows have with half-ass finishes and unanswered questions. I know you're likely working on your next big show, but as a self-appointed gladiator, please remember that we've been there since day 1. I've been a fan of all of your shows and I am hoping that you have an Oscar-worthy ending that will blow our socks off! As you mentioned, you are a "storyteller by nature." And as you know, a good story, a fantastic story will always be told over and over and will live forever in the mind of its readers (or in this case viewers). That said, I'm sure you're already ten steps ahead and may already have moved on to the next big thing. I cannot wait to see what you have in store for Season 7 and whatever comes beyond Scandal.

A Day 1 Gladiator

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