Quickies 5/23/17: Ariana Cancels Tour, Jury Selection Begins in Cosby Trial, and KeKe Palmer Does Big Chop | HeyShae!

Ariana Grande has announced the cancellation of her would tour in the wake of a terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena in England. Thousands of concert goers were shocked and terrified following an explosion that occurred just after the singer's last song. 22 people were killed, including young children, as a nail bomb detonated in the rotunda area as patrons were leaving the arena. Police say that it was the work of a suicide bomber and that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the incident. The pop singer tweeted that she had "no words" following the news of casualties.

The Allegheny County Courthouse in Pittsburgh, PA, has begun the jury selection process for the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial. On Monday, five jurors were selected. So far there are three white men and two white women on the jury. Of the 100 potential jurors, several have claimed to have already formed an opinion on whether Cosby is guilty or innocent. At least 67 others claimed that serving on this case would cause personal hardship. One potential juror mentioned that a family member of his was sexually assaulted but that he could be a fair juror. He was selected. It looks like Cosby will have an uphill battle that he can only hope will be heard by a fair and impartial jury.

Keke Palmer shook social media after posting a photo of her sporting a close-cropped haircut. Palmer captioned the tweet, “Haters will say it’s photoshopped”. Several people have done “the big chop” over the years, and Ms. Keke says she’s been planning to do it for a while now. Last year, Keke told Essence Magazine, “I loved the pixie, but I wanted to go one step further with the freedom I felt from cutting off my hair. Being an entertainer we’re forced to [wear our hair in different ways] I just felt so relieved to make a choice to do something that I wanted to do on my own.” Well, looks like she found the right time to do it, and I think it looks great.