Odell Beckham Jr. More Than Doubles his Nike Endorsement

Nike just granted Odell Beckham, Jr. the sweetest shoe deal in history! The New York Giants wide receiver will rake in over $29 million in a five-year deal and up to $48 million over the course of eight years.  This deal solidifies Beckham as the g.o.a.t. when it comes to NFL shoe deals.

Beckham will be making more than any other football player has ever made with Nike. Originally, Adidas wanted to hijack the football star from Nike but Nike swooshed in, matched the offer and kept Beckham on their roster. Beckham just upped his Nike check by almost $19 million from his previous Nike deal of $10.4 million over 4 years. That's a hell of a raise.

Beckham wants to be a "brand icon" and it appears that he is well on his way to making that happen.

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