Another T.I. and Trey Songz to Collab in the Works

T.I. and Trey Songz will soon collab on a joint project called The Lady Killers. This was revealed by T.I. in a recent XXL interview.

XXL: One of the trends in hip-hop is rappers releasing collab projects together. Have you ever thought about releasing a project with another rapper? And if so, who would you want to drop a collab project with?
T.I.:Man, I actually have a few of them. Me and Jeezy, we were supposed been did this a while ago. The project was gonna be called, Dope Boy Academy, and we did like three or four songs, but we just gotta get back in and put it together. We just want to present it correctly. Also, me and [Young] Dro was talking about doing one. I think we was gonna call it Sophisticated Excellence or something like that…something he came up with. Me and B.o.B was supposed to do one called The Man and The Martian. I’m open to all collaborations. Me and Trey Songz were supposed to do one too called The Lady Killers. All those of these projects could very well come into fruition.
The two 'lady killers' formerly collaborated on a Trey Songz track, "2 Reasons," which became an instant club banger. I can only imagine what the pair will come up with next.


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