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Prince Celebration: Day 13 If I Was Your Girlfriend

"If I Was Your Girlfriend," was released in 1987 on the Sign 'O' the Times album.

This song brings back sooo many memories! I remember singing this to an old high school boyfriend and having him say, "What do you mean if you were my girlfriend? You are my girlfriend." It's silly now, but it was cute and flirty then.

The moment the first two notes are played, this song has always brought a smile to my face. "If I Was Your Girlfriend," was such a different type of track for the 80s. Prince flirted with gender-neutrality and until that point, I hadn't seen or heard anything like it.

The track is in the first and second person narrative that worked so well in a way that only he could make it work. A man with an alter ego that is a woman (Camille) singing as a man who wanted to be a woman so that he could get closer to his girlfriend to get to know her better and to share her inner thoughts. Think "If I Were A Boy," by Beyonce, only 21 years earlier.

Some of my friends lost interest in Prince after this song. They didn't understand that Prince liked to play with words and that he had many alter egos that made appearances on his records. True fams knew about Camille, Alexander Nevermind, Christopher Tracy, and Jamie Starr. 

In this song Prince put it all out there. He was saying, "Hey, I know there are things that you will only share with your girls or your best friend that you won't share with me. Just imagine that I was your best friend and let me pick out your clothes before we go out."

At least that's how I see it. I'm pretty sure I'm right lol.


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