Celebrating Prince: Day 24 Diamonds & Pearls

1991 was a strange year for me as a Prince year. I'd grown up and was out living life. At this point, I was no longer waiting on Prince's releases like I was before. I was out and about having the time of my life.

The Diamonds and Pearls album slowed me down enough to shuffle through it Initially, I only liked a few songs on it. I was put off by tracks such as "Daddy Pop”, “Jughead”, and "Push”. I remember tossing the album on a shelf and leaving it there for a while. I did not like the new sound and to be honest, I wanted The Revolution back. I wasn't feeling the hip-hop sound that the new band brought into the mix, more specifically, I did not like Tony M.'s rapping. It sounded forced and cheesy.

Once I saw a video for "Diamonds and Pearls”, I decided to give the record, and The New Power Generation, another chance. So, I hauled the record off the shelf and gave it a second spin. I immediately picked out "Diamonds and Pearls”, "Cream", "Get Off”, "Money Don't Matter 2 Night”, and "Insatiable" as my favorite tracks. I think I wore a grove in the record in the place where "Insatiable" was located.

Something kept pulling back to the "Diamonds and Pearls" track. I loved Rosie Gaines' voice paired with Prince's. They made a fantastic duo on the song, and the track is one that I can listen to and hit 'replay' repeatedly.

Prince had a way of pulling you into a song that even at first you may not like, but you end up loving it in the end. Overall, for this album to introduce a new band and a new sound yet still be a stellar piece of work, is a testament to Prince's musical genius.

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