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Celebrating Prince: Day 8 Adore

"Adore," realeased in 1987 off the Sign O' The Times LP, is one of Prince's best slow songs ever. From the first note played, and the second I heard his voice on this track, I knew I would love this song.

It is a beautiful blend of R&B and Gospel meets 80s slow jam. I don't know whether it's the organ or the horns that I love most. His natural ability to blend his sensualtiry with a church chorus used to perplex me. I mean, who does that? Who could do that? Only Prince.

I remember sitting in my room and trying to write songs as a teen. I wrote terrible, terrible songs lol. I did not have a gift for it at all. I thought I could write a decent poem, but a songwriter I was not. It's a skill, along with playing an instrument, that I appreciate in an entertainer. I believe that it can set one performer worlds apart from another.

Take a listen for yourself.


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