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Celebrating Prince: Day 7 "7"

I know some people who have never understood the level of my love for Prince's music. I went for several years listening to mainly him and just a handful of other artists while most people were listening to Billboard's Top 100. I have always felt like having Prince in your musical repertoire was like having 100 artists in one.

Every album, every song, was like an adventure. Even his appearance would drastically change. He would go from a head of large, loose curls, to a pixie cut, or long hair, in the blink of an eye.

With each new track or video, I awaited his new hairdo, outfit, and whatever new sound he unveiled. It was exciting and so far from the norm that you would swear you were looking at, and listening to, a new artist each time. 

It just wouldn't feel right as a Prince fan not to feature this song on the seventh day. This track, "7," was released in 1992 on the Love Symbol album. It was released at a time where he and hi label, Warner Brothers Records, were not seeing eye to eye. Prince had take things into his own hands and decided if he could t record under his own name, he'd crate one.

Imagine everyone's shock when he showed up as a symbol. It made major networks and it was hilarious watching reporters try to figure out what to call him or fathom what the symbol meant, so they began calling him, "The artist formerly known as Prince."

Controversy aside, "7" is one of my all time favorites. The video was such a production that it was like watching a mini-movie.

Click here to watch it now. 


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