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Celebrating Prince: Day 5 Bonus Track Little Red Corvette

Have you ever listened to a song as a kid and heard it again as an adult and thought, "Oh my God! I had no idea this was a dirty song?"

It's funny how you can get caught up in the music, the catchy chorus, or even the music video when you're young, yet you don't really comprehend the meaning of the lyrics. The cleverly written song is full of sexual innuendos, and I'm shocked that my mother let me listen to it - perhaps she never caught on either. Sadly, she wasn't much of a fan.

"Little Red Corvette" is another hit off the 1999 double-LP. It was released as the second single in February of 1983. A 12" dance remix was released to accompany the single, which picks up where the album version fades out. Once this track hit the airwaves, it took off light crazy.

I was unable to find an original video for the song, so please bask in the video stills below...

Prince was such a fun and versatile performer that it wasn't hard to understand why the his performances left the crowd going crazy when he would make cheeky comments or would bat his lashes during a performance. Check him out below in an acoustic performance playing a medley of songs including "Little Red Corvette."


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