Celebrating Prince: Day 4 Raspberry Beret

OK my purple paisley fam, today we shall celebrate the many hats that Prince wore. He claimed the titles of singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, guitarist, actor, and philanthropist. That is a lot of hats for one person to wear.

Coincidentally, the man actually did wear many hats. He wore colorful fedoras, hats with veils, chains, and feathers.What I never seemed to see him in though, was a beret, not even a raspberry one.

"Raspberry Beret," is a fun track off the Around the World in a Day album, debuted in the Spring if 1985. Following the popularity of the Purple Rain album, critics found Around the World in a Day too simplistic. However, the video is what makes me enjoy the song so much more. Directly mainly by himself, with lots of animation and colorful costume, the video and song became a staple in most of his tours.

Also, how can you not enjoy the song or the video? Prince is just adorable in his pixie haircut and cloud jumpsuit.
I was unable to find the original video (with sound), so here is a live performance.