Celebrating Prince: Day 28 Starfish and Coffee

As we come close to closing out this month of celebrating Prince and his music, this next song is one that never fails to make me smile. Engineered by Susan Rogers, "Starfish and Coffee" is track six off disc one of of the double-LP, Sign O' The Times. Now I know that I have already covered several songs off this album, but it has so many great songs on it.

The song was recorded on in April of 1986 at Prince's home studio in Chanhassen, MN. Initially, the track was missing the school bell, which he later added. "Starfish and Coffee" was to be included as track number nine on the Dream Factory album but was held back to for the triple-album Crystal Ball. Once the school bell was added, the Crystal Ball album was eventually pared down to a double-LP that we now know as Sign O' The Times.

As the story goes Prince's ex-girlfriend, Susannah Melvoin (Wendy's sister), had a classmate that was mentally challenged and that is what inspired the song. Susannah went on to receive credit for being the story originator as she recanted her interactions with Cynthia on the school bus route.

I love the song and the imagination behind it so kudos to Cynthia Rose for being the inspiration for such a playful song. What I enjoy about the song, is that he did not make Cynthia Rose out to be strange or weird, just that she saw things differently and that was okay with him. Speaking of seeing things differently, check out Prince performing the track with The Muppets.

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