Celebrating Prince: Day 27 When Doves Cry

"When Doves Cry" is a song that will make me stop, drop everything, and crank up the volume when I hear the first guitar riff. Once the beat drops I am already out of my seat dancing. I LOVE this song with a passion. The fusion of the R&B bass, drums, and rock guitar is masterfully blended and makes this track hard not to like, even if you are not a Prince fan.

His Royal Badness pulled out a bag of tricks on this song, which was the last song recorded for the "Purple Rain" soundtrack. The intro begins with Prince whaling alongside a solo guitar. A heavy LinnDrum kicks in with a almost a chopped and screwed slower register chased by a synthesizer. Surprisingly, there is no bass on this track. I know right? Can you believe it? What's more is, it doesn't even need it.

An engineer who helped work on the track said Prince did include a bass but left it out of the final mix later claiming, "Nobody would have the balls to do this." I can see a young, cocky Prince saying this back in the early 80's when almost everything had a bass guitar in it. The creativity in this man's pinky could feed songs to the world for years and years. It's a crying shame that he's gone.

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