Celebrating Prince: Day 2 Do Me Baby

I went through a strong Michael Jackson phase in junior high school. I would stand in front of my TV, watching his music videos, and attempting the moves while belting out the lyrics to his latest songs. My mother thought it was cute that I would sing into my hairbrush and hit each note.

What she didn't know, was that I was beginning to discover more about Prince's music. I had to hid the scantily clad album covers, I would listen to his more raunchy lyrics on my Walkman.

I think, like Alice in Wonderland, I fell headfirst into the rabbit hole when I happened up on "Do Me Baby," off the Dirty Mind album. I think I played, rewound, and played the song again 50 times over. Too bad we didn't have CDs or CD players then, because a 'back' button would have been nice. 😉