Celebrating Prince: Day 19 Old Friends 4 Sale

I came across this song about 10 years ago after hearing about it from a friend online. It is a haunting track that gives you a peek into how Prince feels about the betrayal bay a friend. I've heard that Prince didn't perform the song live for 27 years after recording it.

Rumor has it that the song is in reference to a betrayal by Vanity or Sheila E., as well as his former bodyguard Chick. It reminds me of a song that you'd hear in a smokey jazz lounge much like the one in the movie Mo' Better Blues.

Initially, the detailed some personal changes in Prince's relationships with band members and staff. It was later revised, removing some of the more personal lyrics in 1991. The later version being the one to make it onto The Vault album.

"Old Friends 4 Sale" is the eighth track on Prince's 22nd album The Vault... Old Friends 4 Sale.

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