Celebrating Prince: Day 18 The Cross

Another gem off the Sign O' The Times album is "The Cross". This track can be found on on disk two. It was also featured on the Girl 6 soundtrack from the Spike Lee movie, of the same name. Prince performs it live during the Sign O' The Times Tour.

"The Cross" begins with an acoustic guitar and Prince sings the song with a beautiful, clear voice. As the song continues, a bass drum kicks in and the song crosses over from almost a quiet gospel-like balled into a head nodding, foot tapping, full on rock and roll performance. As the background vocals come in, you are definitely headbanging and whaling away on your air guitar.

It's funny because when I was a teen, I swore that I wasn't into rock and roll. I liked a few soft rock groups but not full on metal. However, Prince had quite a few rock legend moments that made me toss that thought out of the window. I'm not saying that he was all rock and roll, but the way he could intertwine rock and roll along with rhythm and blues was amazing. It was likely the reason why he had so many fans who hailed from various genres.

Once Prince became a Jehovah's Witness, he changed the lyrics during live performances to align with his religious beliefs. The song later became "The Christ," which did not sit well with some hardcore fam members. In future appearances with Chaka Khan and Larry Graham, this track is played as "The Christ."

Whether it is played as "The Cross/Christ," it is still among one of his greatest songs.

To listen to the album version, click here

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