Celebrating Prince: Day 15 Bonus Track - Joy in Repetition

The 1990 release of Graffiti Bridge was not received as well received as it's predecessors Purple Rain and Under the Cherry Moon. As an alleged sequel to Purple Rain, some people seemed to get lost in the message (and likely Prince's drastic appearance change) of this movie.

However, the soundtrack did hold a few gems that I enjoyed. "The Question Of U," "Joy in Repetition," "Thieves in the Temple," and "Melody Cool" are my favorite tracks off this album. Track eight, "Joy in Repetition," is my focus today.

This song is sung in a slow, low register that allows listeners to soak in the richness and deliciousness of Prince's voice. It's just so smooth, jazzy, and addictive. I've always sat in awe of his speaking voice and in amazement of his higher register. The man can hit scales for days.

Also, Prince completely slays the guitar on this song. Don't get me wrong, he pretty much slays the guitar on all of his songs, but this one gets me because it's like he's trying his best to get you to . The man was truly gifted when it came to performing, singing, songwriting, and playing instruments. However, the way he played the guitar was un-freaking-believeable!

Basically, I have absolutely no control over my urge to blast this track and play air guitar every time I hear it. So excuse me while I my air guitar gently weeps in unison with his Royal Badness. ♫♫

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