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Celebrating Prince: Day 11 When 2 R In Love

The Lovesexy album was a very interesting album. The cover art features a fully nude Prince, chilling on a bed of flowers while strategically posed to cover his genitals.

Released in 1988, the Lovesexy album was Prince's 10th studio album. It includes on track 7, a song that creates an intimacy that few songs can mimic without becoming overtly raunchy. Prince quietly serenades us to a simple piano, drum, and slight synthesized beat. . 

"When 2 R In Love," is said to have been recorded for The Black Album. The Black Album was originally released in 1994, but was planned to be released in 1987. Lovesexy is said to be the response album to The Black album, but it was pulled off shelves by Prince who release Lovesexy instead. 

Are you thoroughly confused? I am too.

No matter which album the track is supposed to be on, or which year it was supposed to be released, it is an underrated favorite of mine. I think it gets overlooked because it does not include the blaring guitar sound or the screaming lyrics that many of Prince's fans are used to hearing.


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