Celebrating Price: Day 9 Girls and Boys

One of my favorite songs off the Under the Cherry Moon soundtrack is "Girls and Boys."
He only knew her 4 a little while,
But he had grown accustomed 2 her style,
"Girls and Boys" was released in 1986 by Paisley Park Records as a single in the UK and Europe only on the A-side of  the "Under the Cherry Moon" track.
She had the cutest ass he ever seen,
But he did 2, they were meant 2 be,
For whatever reason, it was not released as a single in the United States; however, it climbed to number 11 on the charts in the UK.
I love u baby, I love u so much,
maybe we can, stay in touch,
The song is playful, funky, and sexy all in one.
They loved 2 kiss on the steps of Versailles,
It looked like rain, mama, birds do fly,

The video, which features the party scene from the film, is entirely in black and white. It shows Prince in rare form dancing on top of a piano in front of a band and a room full of socialites and dancing to a clap-a-long beat and swing-style trumpets and other horns. Basically, it is so... Prince.

I love U baby, I love U so much,
Maybe we can stay in touch,
Meet me in another world, space, and joy,
Vous êtes très belle, mama, girls and boys.

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