Celebrating Price: Day 16 Anna Stesia

"Anna Stesia" is a very clever song off the Lovesexy album.

I've always imagined "Anna Stesia" as a woman who was like a potent drug that he couldn't get enough of; as if she controlled all of his senses and his very essence. The play on words of course explains the drug anesthesia, which controls your heart rate, your breathing, and eventually calms you.

I guess it can be explained the same way that love feels at times, like you can’t breathe or even exist without the one you love.

This track is another one of Prince's songs that toes the line of spirituality and sexuality. If you are not comfortable with one or the other, it can leave the listener feeling uncomfortable with the pairing. The song was included at the end of the first half of the "Lovesexy Tour."  It was strategically placed as if it were a precursor to the second act featuring less dark and more positive songs.

This track also fueled the rumors surrounding Prince's sexual preferences and whether he likes men or women. Even a true fam can't deny that he plays with people's emotions with lines such as the following.
Have you ever been so lonely
That you felt like you were the
Only one in this world?

Have you ever wanted to play
With someone so much you'd take
Any one boy or girl?
My answer to that question has always been a resounding, "No." I have never in my life been that lonely.

However, this song opened up a window in my mind that let in the question, "Has someone been that lonely that they need the attention of anyone, regardless of which gender the person is?" Hmm... I found myself judging this line only to find myself not judging it later. I found it intriguing and I've always wanted to ask the man behind the music if he has ever been that lonely at one time.

To be honest, I would pay good money to find out.

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