Trey Songz

Trey Songz is putting people in their places these days. First, Keke Palmer, now Nicki Minaj. Word on the street is that Nicki called out trey for not claiming that Remy Ma's accusation that she slept with him was false. Instead, Trey tweeted:
“Even when you stay out of the way they will have ya name all in some s##t. Wake up to new comedy everyday.”
He also claimed that Nicki came at him wrong and outed her as not having a hit before their collaboration on , "Bottoms Up." In a recent interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Trey aired out his grievances.
“I went out (of) my way to say I didn’t (sleep with you), and I don’t do that…,” he added. “I don’t feel a need to say nothing about a woman to promote my career whether I’ve been with her or not and I don’t feel the need to denounce things when people say they are true. But because this was Nicki and because we do have a history, because I respect her, I went out (of) my way to do that. What (has) that got me?”
The funny thing is, Remy Ma was the one who put him into her shETHER lyrics, he didn't say a word. But, I guess Nicki feels that he should run to her defence the way Wayne and Drake did.

Does Nicki owe Trey an apology, or vice versa?

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