Mayer Forms Task Force to Find Missing DC Teens


Teenage girls have gone missing in D.C. at an alarming rate. Initially, it appeared as if the media was silent on the issue. The hashtags #helpfindus and #missingdcgirls became prevalent on Twitter, Facebook, and other outlets in an effort to spotlight the growing problem. Social media outlets have campaigned for months to bring awareness to the rising problem of teen girls missing from the D.C.

However, authorities claim that statistics show there has not been an increase in the number of missing girls since 2014. They claim that there has just been a greater awareness of the issue as the tools they use to get that information out have changed.

The problem is serious enough that a special task force has been established in Washington, D.C., by Mayor Muriel E. Browser, to help locate these missing girls.

During a recent news conference, the mayor claimed that, "There’s no evidence to suggest there’s an increase in missing persons, and we have no evidence to suggest these reports are related to human trafficking."

Kevin Harris, a spokesperson for the mayor also claimed, “Often times, these girls are repeat runaways.”

No matter the cause, I hope that all of the girls missing are found quickly and unharmed.