Drake Can't Keep a Woman

Drake had a moment of reflection during his European tour where he expressed to the crowd how he cannot seem to keep a relationship going for longer than a few weeks.
"I can’t even make a relationship last seven weeks man."
Not that his fans haven't noticed the obvious, but this does explain this with the Aubrih fans who were positively giddy when Drake confessed his love to Rihanna during the 2016 VMA Awards back in late August. However just a few months later, the rapper was romantically connected with India Westbrooks, aka India Love, an Instagram model, which left fans wondering if she was the reason why Drake and Rihanna were on the outs.

Shortly after that, Drake turned around and posted a cozy photo of himself and J. Lo looking quite cozy in a darkened room with her head in his lap. This photo posted by the pair, was followed by several sightings of the couple looking cuddled up for the cameras in December. Perhaps this Usher-worthy confession of his is a result of Jennifer Lopez's recent statement during the Daily Show with Trevor Noah putting the kibosh to these claims.
"Let me clear this up. I am not with Drake."
 No matter who the Toronto native is dating, you have to admit, this guy gets around more than 2Pac.