Celeb Shorts 3/15/17

Nicki Minaj has taken her "No Frauds" diss track on the road. She performed the lukewarm Remy Ma clap-back during Drake's Paris concert. Many people are less than impressed with Nicki's response that came two-weeks late and which included two of her CMB YMB members on the track. It's like bringing big dogs to a cat fight. Not cool, and it makes the dogs look like pussies j/s (Kanye shrug).

Chris Brown's former manager takes an "L" in court as the singer walks away from assault charges against him. Mike Guirguis, also known as Mike G, claims Chris assaulted him last May just before a European tour. According to XXL Magazine, Mike G claims he is afraid he will receive owed money because Chris has reckless spending habits including excessive costs for domestic and international trips via private jets. OK G, do you really think Chris is going to be able to traipse through an airport like Hartsfield-Jackson International and not get mobbed by fans? I mean really, really?

Trey Songz drops a video for "She Lovin' It." What can I say? The video is full of Kama Sutra-esque sex positions, a surprisingly pleasing acoustic guitar over a banging baseline, and of course, Trey with no shirt on. In other words, it's business as usual and his fans are loving it.

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