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Is Chris Brown a Renege-a?

Nope. Not according to Chris. He claims that the reason he pulled out of the fight is because there is:
"No need for me to disrespect this person any further. He’s hyped up as well as the issue. The opportunity to embarrass him or do harm to him isn’t even funny anymore. I backed out of the public fight because of the money/location and the fact that real promoters were spooked by gang members who wanted to profit from it.

No charity and no point in going through with it. I set up a private gym and he didn’t show up. There’s nothing more to say. It’s not going to happen and we both know the truth here.
So... Soulja Boy is the renege-a? Here's a post he made on Twitter:
Chris brown manager call my manager last night sand said the fight is off and he's not signing contract. Don't ask me about the shit no more — Soulja Boy (@souljaboy) February 20, 2017
Ok, so Chris is the renege-a? Hmm?

Either way, I'm glad somebody put an end to this farce of a fight that had people amped up to watch a celebrity blood bath. If you want to see that type of drama, keep tuning into your favorite episode of LHH(add any location here). [Source]


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