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A Moment of Silence

2016 claimed a lot of lives. In many cases, some have gone way too soon. In addition to countless unnamed civilians, fallen soldiers, police officers, and other notable people, Hollywood also took a very big hit this year.

Take a look at just a few of Hollywood's fallen stars and other high-profile deaths as we close out 2016.

D.O.D. Name Cause Age
01/06/16 Pat Harrington Alzheimer’s complications 86
01/10/16 David Bowie Cancer 69
01/11/16 Monte Irvin Natural causes 96
01/26/16 Abe Vigoda Natural causes 94
02/04/16 Dave Mirra Suicide 41
02/04/16 Edgar Mitchell Not listed 85
02/04/16 Katie May Stroke 34
02/04/16 Maurice White Parkinson’s disease 74
02/15/16 Denise "Vanity" Matthews Kidney failure 57
02/25/16 Tony Burton Pneumonia complications 78
03/06/16 Nancy Reagan Congestive heart failure 94
03/09/16 Patty Duke Sepsis 69
03/16/16 Frank Sinatra Jr. Cardiac arrest 72
03/17/16 Larry Drake High blood pressure 66
03/23/16 Malik "Phife Dawg" Taylor Diabetes complications 45
03/24/16 Garry Shandling Blood clot caused a heart attack 66
04/09/16 Will Smith (NFL) Shooting victim 34
04/17/16 Doris Roberts Stroke 90
04/20/16 Joan Chyna Laurer Drug overdose 45
04/21/16 Prince Rogers Nelson Accidental opioid overdose 57
05/01/16 Madeleine LeBeau Complications from broken
thigh bone
05/08/16 Allan Young Natural causes 96
06/03/16 Cassius "Muhammad Ali" Clay Parkinson’s complications 74
06/06/16 Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson Congestive heart failure 42
06/11/16 Christina Grimmie Ballistic trauma from gunshot
06/17/16 Attrell Prince B Cordes Kidney failure resulting from
06/17/16 Ron Lester Organ failure 45
06/19/16 Anton Yelchin Traumatic asphyxia from freak
car accident outside his home
06/24/16 Bernie Worrell Lung cancer 72
06/24/16 Cara McCollum Traffic collision 72
06/7/26/16 Youree "Miss Cleo" Dell Harris Cancer 53
08/10/16 John Saunders Unconfirmed 61
08/24/16 Billy Paul Pancreatic cancer 81
08/29/16 Gene Wilder Alzheimer’s disease 83
09/16/16 Edward Albee No cause listed 88
09/24/16 Bill Nun Leukemia 63
09/24/16 Stanley Dural Jr. Lung cancer 68
09/25/16 Arnold Palmer Cardiovascular disease 87
09/25/16 Jose Fernandez Boating accident 24
09/27/16 Charmain Carr Dementia complications 73
09/28/16 Gloria Naylor Heart attack 66
10/12/16 Tommy Ford Aneurysm 52
11/07/16 Janet Reno Parkin’s complications 78
11/18/16 Sharon Jones Pancreatic Cancer 60
11/24/16 Florence Henderson Congestive heart failure 82
11/25/16 Ron Glass Respiratory Failure 71
12/05/16 Rashaan Salaam Suicide 42
12/05/16 Sammy Lee Pneumonia 96
12/06/16 Mattie Smith Colin No cause listed 98
12/11/16 Joe Ligon Not specified 80
12/12/16 Konrad Reuland Brain aneurysm 29
12/13/16 Alan Thicke Heart attack 69
12/18/16 Robert L. Harvey Sr. No cause listed 97
12/18/16 Zsa Zsa Gabor Heart Attack 99
12/18/16 John Glenn Not specified 95
12/25/16 George Michael Cardiac arrest 53
12/26/16 Ricky Harris Heart attack 54
12/26/16 Alphonse Mouzon Neuroendocrine Carcinoma, a rare form of cancer. 68
12/27/16 Tricia McCauley Asphyxia due to ligature strangulation
with blunt force trauma
12/27/16 Carrie Fisher* Heart attack 60
12/28/16 Debbie Reynolds* Stroke 84
12/29/16 Keion Carpenter Head Trauma after slip and fall 39
*In a cruel twist of fate, Debbie Reynolds passed away just one day after daughter Carrie Fisher's demise.


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