Solange: You Can Catch These Hands

After the Met Gala in New York, Solange Knowles was captured on video in a rage of fury directed at her brother-in-law, Jay-Z.
Silent survalliance video from an elevator in The Standard Hotel surfaced on May 12, showing Beyoncé stepping into an elevator followed by Solange, Jay-Z, and an unidentified party. Solange then confronts Jay while pointing a finger in his face before frantically punching and hitting Jay-Z as her sister stands by looking completely unbothered.
The unidentified man turns and subdues Solange by bear hugging her and trapping her arms at her sides. Beyoncé steps in between her husband and her sister only to prevent Solange from getting in a well-aimed kick.
Following the incident, the sisters take to social media and begin deleting photos of one another much to their follower's confusion.
Watch the attack video below:

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