I See Gay People … and, So What?

In the last few months, a trend has been happening… celebrities are coming out of the closet (I hate that term). The most recent celebrities to go public include Jillian Michaels, Megan Rapinoe, Anderson Cooper, and Frank Ocean.

I find it interesting that many of these celebs feel pressured to “come out” and disclose their sexual preferences. Does it really matter? Why is the public so interested in people’s sex lives?

I think entertainers, reporters, and television personalities ought to be allowed to focus on their craft or their job, without worrying about hiding their significant other because of what the public may think of their image. How is it that once someone comes out people instantly form a negative opinion of them, “I didn’t know they were gay !” as if it is a dirty word.

On the flip side of celebs coming out, having people in public positions enlighten the public on their LGBT status may encourage people who are struggling to “fit in” and who are hiding who they are because they have no one to identify with.

Although some may think that these people are a bad influence, I say at least the topic is being addressed. Being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered is no longer a “dirty secret.” The covers have been pulled back on this topic repeatedly and I think it is about time people stop saying, “OMG, so and so is gay? No way!”

Yes, way… and they are no more different then when you thought they were heterosexual.
So, let us all get over ourselves and stop acting as if it is our right to second-guess someone's sexuality. Embrace people for who they are and not what they do in the bedroom. As soon as people get off the discriminatory boat, someone’s sexual preference will no longer be such a big deal.

People have got to stop judging the lives of others and live their own lives. So you see gay people… and, so what?

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  1. Anonymous6:56 AM

    I never understood the big reveal. It's none of my bus who sleeps with whom. And why did Frank Ocean bother to come out if he was going to go into hiding afterwards?


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