Traffic Relief for North Fulton Residents: Westside Pkwy Now Open

(Photo courtesy of Google Maps)

A road that can’t be more than two miles long has been in development for almost 20 years.

North Fulton drivers trying to get from Mansell Road to Windward Parkway know how annoying this can be; you can either drive through the cities, or get on GA-400 and pray that you will not be in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

The new parkway can handle up to 30,000 cars per day and will likely be used by drivers trying to take a quick shortcut through the city without having to use GA-400. Well, relief is here (allegedly) via the last stretch of paved road connecting Westside Parkway to Webb Bridge Road, which can take you straight to Windward. The road was completed yesterday and I’ll be using it this morning to see if it cuts down on my commute.

Cross your fingers for me. See ya when I see ya!

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