Hudson Family Murders, Balfour Trial Starting Soon

In 2008, William Balfour, was arrested for allegedly brutally murdering three of singer Jennifer Hudson’s family members. Balfour was charged with the murder of Jennifer’s nephew—her sister Julia’s 7-year-old son Julian—her brother, and her mom. The heinous crime was even more callous because Balfour was Jennifer’s brother-in-law who lashed-out because estranged wife Julia was dating another man.

Fast-forward four years, Balfour, 30, is requested to have his long hair cut and asking permission to change into civilian clothes for an upcoming trial. Balfour is likely trying to disassociate from the familiar mug shot photo (shown above). With a crime this monstrous, a simple change of clothing and a new hairstyle will not likely be his saving grace.

News outlets are wondering how her stardom will affect the trial; however, the attention should be on Balfour and the facts and not on Jennifer. The trial is set to begin on April 23rd.


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