Police Shooting Sparks Riots in London

City buses, cars, and grocery stores were burned to the ground following a riot on the streets of London after police exchanged fire with a civilian on Thursday.

The violence broke out after police shot and killed a 29-year-old Tottenham resident named Mark Duggan. Duggan allegedly shot at a police officer hitting him in the side of his chest after being cornered in a minicab by London’s Specialist Firearms Command (CO19) in a pre-planned arrest.

Officers returned fire killing the father of four which sparked an all night riot in the city.
IPCC Commissioner, Rachel Cerfontyne, stated:
“Fatal shootings by the police are extremely rare and understandably raise significant community concerns. The IPCC will always conduct the investigations into such shootings to ensure that the public can be confident they are fully independent.
I fully recognize how distressing and disturbing this must be for the family and the local community. Obviously our investigation is at a very early stage, but I will publish further information and any findings as soon as possible.”
When protesters set fire to police vehicles and a double-decker bus, the situation went from bad to worse. Eight eight officers and several residents were injured during the melee as protestors looted businesses, bombed police cars, and trashed the city.

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