Earthquakes, Hurricanes, & Evacuations, Oh My!

(Photo by J. SCOTT APPLEWHITE / Associated Press)

On the heels of a 5.8-magnitude earthquake on Tuesday, the aftershocks are shaking up East Coast residents. Tuesday’s earthquake was a rare occurrence and was the strongest to hit the area since World War II. The quake shook the densely populated area from Canada to Georgia.

Damages caused by the quake include the the Washington National Cathedral (shown above) and the 555-foot Washington Monument. Tourist attractions at the National Park have been closed indefinitely, which may also delay the dedication services for the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial statue.

(Photo by Leigh Paterson / CTV News)
The East Coast is now gearing up for hurricane Irene. Several states along the coast are taking precautions and evacuating residents in preparation for the storm. Residents of North Carolina beach town have been asked to evacuate for their own safety as winds upward of 100 mph move up the coast.

(Courtesy of NBC News)