Letter to a Young Brother

I was having a chat with a old friend of mine, Eric,  and we were talking about the lack of role models in the Black community these days.  I'm talking about your every-day type of role model; a teacher, your next door neighbor, or your local community activist.  The conversation got deep and eventually, he decided he had something to say and I wanted to help spread his sentiments. 


Letter to a Young Brother, 

I'm writing this letter to you because I feel as a black man, I have the responsibility of letting you know that you aren't alone in your struggle for greatness.  We who are over 30-years and older, have all wondered if we would be the next to die in the streets.  I pray that my daughter grows up in a time where pain and suffering is but a distant memory.  I ask each and every one of you to re-evaluate your choices in life.  I know there is no golden ticket to get you to riches and fame but there is always another way.

The images they show on television are cool but very misleading.  They tend to glorify the poor treatment of our women and show only bling, cars, and fancy houses.  The truth of the matter is the golden ticket is the love of your family and yourself.  The golden ticket is being accepted into a good college to open more doors for yourself.  The golden ticket is being there to support your own children instead of a state agency doing it for you as you spend time learning how to be a better criminal behind bars.

I know school, peer pressure and temptation are all things that can help decide what you do in life, but there is also good people to reference to decide the other way.  It's 2009 and we have our first black president!  We also have more black millionaires in this country than ever in the history of the US.  The majority of the wealth they have accumulated came from hard work and perseverance. 

Make the decision to live another day because no parent should have to bury a child before his time. 

One Luv !