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Drake Falls... Again, Re-injures ACL

Although Drake has had much success with his mix tapes, his commercial introduction to the world is off to a rocky start.

The first faux pas began with the so-called Michael Jackson tribute at the 200* BET Awards where Drake had to perform sitting down due to a torn ACL.

He caught major controversy over his act which unwisely featured an impromptu visit from Lil Wayne’s daughter and her friends during his “Every Girl” performance. 
In fact, it went over so badly with the public that Drake apologized to his fan and BET issued an official apology on their website. Even his hardcore fans taken aback and some weren’t too happy to learn that he’d signed on to Cash Money Records, feeling as if his style would be cramped or changed by the Young Money crew.

Trying to catch a break, Drake’s highly anticipated “Best I Ever Had” video was dropped, but scores of fans flocked to blogs and music websites to say how much they hated the video which features scantily clad women who are depicted as a cheerleader-like basketball team, whose only skills are ’stretching.’ 
In the video Drake is a coach and encourages them to, “Take that D like the champs that [they] are.” Hmm…

Just this week, fresh out of rehab working on his torn ACL, Drake takes a nasty fall onstage and re-injures his ACL and has to be assisted off-stage. Talk about Murphy’s Law.

But rest assured, he’s getting the help he needs.


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