Vibe Magazine: 15 Years Strong..

It's your anniversary....

Vibe magazine is celebrating fifteen years.

That is a major accomplishment for a hip hop magazine.

Vibe Magazine 15th Anniversary

I think of all the issues I've read and the photos I used to pull out and tape up to my walls. Vibe and I have a long history.

I had my photo in Vibe once. I was in a picture with Dr. Cornel West and his wife. The man is awesome.

But I digress... Vibe running up on 15 years makes me think of how hip hop and politics have been intertwined for years.

So I'm not surprised at all the fuss and muss about Ludacris and his verses about presidential candidate Barack Obama.

You Can Get With This, Or You Can Get With That

I know the Obama administration is heated about Luda's lyrics. But I'm doubting the song will do any real damage to his campaign.

If Rev Wright and Billary haven't put a dent in his stride, neither will Luda.

It just may have been a marketing move but you never know. I mean it was leaked...right?

Luda being denounced by Obama's administration just put him at the top of the video views on YouTube. I guess now he's the black sheep until someone else kicks up some dust.

So yeah, he may have made a few people's s--t list this week, but you know what they say, bad press is good press.

And as much as people would like Obama to lose, I'm thinking it won't go down as easy as they think...

Where's the Black Sheep
Here's the Black Sheep

Even if we wanted to
The flock could not be weak

Watch me swing like this
Why should I swing it like that,
Because in fact, on me it might not attract
Therefore I ignore

Do as I feel inside
I live with me, I've got my back tonight
Ya know what I'm saying?

I guess the next rapper to be involved in a political scandal will be Snoop? Hmmm... I wonder why?

Big up to Vibe. I hope to see you around for another 15 more years.


  1. Goddess11:44 AM

    hey babe! first met ya on twitter and now i see why you hot!! nice layout & appealing content...come check me...


  2. i really have to take a listen to this ludacris song because it has a lot of folks up in arms.

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  3. This is toof unny...but you're right - it's done nothing to his campaign.

  4. First, I ain't mad at Luda. Are people holding John McCain accountable for every racist thing his supporters be thinking about Obama?
    This Obama has to denounce everything is out of control.

    Second should I get your autograph? All up in Vibe.

  5. Yeah, I ain't mad a Luda either. Though slightly misguided, sounds to me like he's speaking his mind on the subject in the way that he feels it ought to be spoken.

    It apparently doesn't work for the masses, but so be it.

  6. @Goddess. Thanks for stopping by. Make sure you keep an eye on ya sis. :-)

    @Marcus: Yeah take a listen. It's not that bad, just th truth.

    @Darius... just what I thought.

    @Sharon: Yup, you should get it when I get yours. ;-)

    @Shelia: I agree. It's leaked, he may not have ever released it and if he did, oh well.


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