Top Ten Most Polite Ways To Say...

... Your Zipper is Down
by David Letterman

Letterman jokes

  • 10. The cucumber has left the salad.

  • 9. Quasimodo needs to go back in the tower and tend to his bells.

  • 8. You need to bring your tray table to the upright and locked position.

  • 7 . Paging Mr. Johnson... Paging Mr. Johnson..

  • 6. Elvis is leaving the building.

  • 5. The Buick is not all the way in the garage.

  • 4. Our next guest is someone who needs no introduction.

  • 3. You' ve got a security breach at Los Pantalones.

  • 2. Men may be From Mars.....
    but I can see something that rhymes with Venus.

    And the #1 way to tell someone his zipper is unzipped.....

  • 1. I always knew you were crazy, but now I can see your nuts!



  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    LOL that's cute.

  2. David Letterman is silly.

    I always have enjoyed his top ten list.

  3. LOL - hilarious...especially the last one.

  4. Letterman is so crazy, thanks for sharing

  5. #3 is my favorite. :D

  6. I like "The Cucumber Has Left The Salad."
    Could be a double entendre to tell a ninj that his lil' peter weter is no longer bangin' in Little Rock.
    **wank, wank**

  7. Anonymous2:01 AM

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