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Shooting At Tony Yayo's Mom's House

Tony Yayo (a.k.a. Marvin Bernard) of G-Unit is pleading for his mom to move out of her Queens, NY neighborhood after her home was riddled with bullets.

Yayo claims the incident was a random act of violence, and is desperate for his mother to move out of the area - just a block away from where 50 Cent was shot 9 times at the start of his career.

Yayo says, "She don't want to move. I begged her plenty of times... [but] my mom's values are different. She feels like she prays and she's got God on her side.

"I'm trying to explain to her, `Mom, I'd rather somebody come and shoot at me than shoot at the house for no reason.'"

50 Cent commented:

"She's still staying in the same area. She should have listened and moved."

Um... that sounds just a little insensitive 50. I hope that's just a piece of a sound bite.

(Call me a conspiracy theorist but ... after the whole Young Buck incident, I'm going to keep my ear to the street to see if there isn't some sort of retaliation on the members of G-Unit).


  1. ~*Toni*~9:27 AM

    I don't understand people who WANT to be in the hood. You couldn't pay me to stay somplace unsafe if I dont have to.


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