Saying Goodbye to 'ER'

Angela Bassett

ER has entertained it's fans for 15 seasons and executive producer John Wells claims that some of the current cast members will be missing (knocked off? hmmm...) by the series finale next year.

For now, Angela Bassett is joining ER in it's final series as the new chief of the emergency room.

The writers were playing with the idea of bringing back Noah Wyle, but as of yet, that is still in discussions.

Don't expect any ER spin-offs though (no official ones anyway, but there are a couple of similar shows). Wells says he's had the finale thought out for years.

“We had a series of the story lines and things that we wanted to do. I had sort of assumed at the end of Season 8 that that would be about it, but we were around Season 6. … So we’re going to be talking, I think, during the season about the condition of the health-care system because it will be our last time to really comment on it.”

If you're an ER fan, keep your eyes open for for Ms. Bassett and keep count of your favorite characters, they won't be around much longer.

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