Phatfffat @Dondria Covers Energy by Keri Hilson

Once you get past the fact that she should have definitely used the edit button to completely delete her intro, you'll find that she does a pretty good job covering Keri Hilson's song "Energy."

Dondria Fields (a.k.a. Phatfffat)


  1. I had to run to YouTube to listen to the original. She did a great job. Difficult song to sing...I enjoyed it. You're right about the intro. Once she gets past what others think, she'll REALLY rock! :-)

    I wish her much success!

  2. *Gasp* YouTube? You should just utilize my 'search' button. You'll find lots of goodies that way. ;-)

  3. I'm not as young as I once was; it's getting harder and harder to keep up with you young folks. I'll remember the 'search' button on my next trip. :-)

    I'm so amazed at how you spit out so many posts. Absolutely incredible!


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