Opera Singing Dentist Can't Cover Prince

[Photo credit: David Crump]

A 35-year-old UK dentist has felt the wrath of Prince as he slapped a cease & desist order barring the dentist from covering his music.

Andrew Bain was signed to a one million pound record deal with SonyBMG after they heard his operatic covers of pop songs. In particular, his cover of Prince's Purple Rain is the cut that sealed the deal and won over Sony.

He is supposed to release an album soon, but is worried that without Purple Rain the album just won't be the same.

"I struggled until I took a chance, mixed my operatic style with pop in Purple Rain, and realized my dreams."

Bain, who has also covered David Bowie, Dolly Parton, Snow Patrol, David Essex, Aerosmith, ABBA and Bryan Adams, will be performing at this year's Bestival (a 3 day boutique music festival).


  1. Dang..people won't leave our Princey Poo Poo alone! Man, a man singing Prince's music - opera style.

    Regardless of how good/bad or what, YOU DO NOT MESS with PRINCE'S MUSIC! That is a crime in my eyes!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Jen!

    I can't even imagine Purple Rain in opera style. It just boggles the mind. LOL


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