On My Way To Boston

I'm off on my trip people.

Please, wish me luck and send out your prayers that we'll have a safe trip to and from Boston.

Don't forget to stop by the spot because I will have some posts on auto-schedule and I don't want to come back to see "0" comments on all of them. :'(

I will make sure to comment on all of your pages when I get back.

For real! ;-)

I'm ouuuuttttttt!!!!!!


  1. WAAAAAAAAAAAAIT! You're suppose to pick me up!


    On the real though...I am going back and I am excited as I can be.

  2. We will all miss ya. Have a safe trip, but hurry back! We can't survive without the TEACHER. :-)

  3. I'm from Boston now in Vegas.

    Have a great safe trip. I wish I was there with family.

    Off to see OSF.

    Modern Musings

  4. Hey Shae!
    Enjoy your road trip. I pray a peaceful and safe arrival to and from your destination.

  5. Have a safe trip Shae-Shae!

  6. Lena! I thought about you. A High yella chick cut me off in a BIG ASS suburban and her license plate said "Lena". I cracked up. Only way I knew it wasn't you was you said you don't drive. ;-)

  7. @Everyone: Thanks you guys. I made it safely. Quite adventurous trip actually. More to blog about. :-D


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