Old School Friday: Rock Music

It's OSF people! Are you READY to ROCK?

Growing up I was really feeling Queen. Brian May is sick on the guitar! My favorite from then is Another One Bites The Dust. But today I wanted to post a song from Queen that was played on the radio and over & over at sports venues that I'm sure you're all familiar with.

Queen: We Will Rock You

Growing up in Boston, there weren't many black radio stations until the later years, so I used to listen to any and everything.

I played a lot of Rage Against The Machine back in my angry years (from about 89 - 93 LOL, don't even say anything!). They have some decent guitar players and I like a lot of their beats.

Now I admit their 'rapping' could use some work and their lyrics can be a bit much (now that I'm in my 30's), but IMO the music it still straight.

Rage Against The Machine: Killing in the Name
**Warning**: This is SOOO not safe for work!

(Note: I will visit & comment on everyone's OSF posts when I get back from vacation).

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  1. I'd be embarrassing myself if I told you how I really feel about Queen. I'm mad that you beat me to it! I even have Freddie Mercury poster on my wall. The black female Queen superfan...I encourage you to dig in the Queen crates, they have some amazing music that most Americans have not heard.

  2. I'm not most Americans. ;-) You know I've probably already heard them. Too bad we didn't grow up together, we could have been two chocolate drops at the concerts screaming for Queen. LOL

  3. Yeah, that Queen song is played at most sports arenas. I like how we take it further and rock out when we stomp the feet and clap of course!

    An American rap metal band? Who's too old to learn? Not me!

  4. HaHa! I am so glad I changed my Queen video and went with Bohemian (bites the dust was a given! that is my favorite Queen song!) I didn't know until much older that Freddie was gay and died of aids complications, another tragic loss of great talent.

    I could never really get into Rage, they were too angry!!

    Enjoy yourself!

  5. No, we're never too old to learn. I learn something new every week with these memes.

    @Regina:Rage was for us angry folks who just had to work it out without violence. LOL I moved on from them once I got through it. ;-)

  6. You know what I love about this week's theme is it shows how diverse black folks are. As an 80s baby, I not only listened to hip-hop/r&b, but I was mad about the Bon Jovi's, Motley Crue's, Metallicas, Nirvana, Soundgarden, etc. I love rock music, til this day. And I think everybody (including me) chose Queen, cause they were the TRUTH! That Rage song is hot! I didn't pay much attention to them during their hey day, but I do know that Tom Morello is one hell of a guitarist!

  7. Hey, I didn't know you hail from Boston, me too. J.P., Roslindale and West Roxbury mainly.

    Queen is always good for rockin'

    Went 60s silly for this theme

    Have a great weekend.


  8. Queen continues to win the most popular pick category today I see! Good choices. Never really got into Rage Against the Machine too much. I was listening to Jane's Addiction when I needed to get my angry on!

    Happy OSF!

  9. i have seen the 'queen' video at another blog, but this 'rage against the machine'-this joint makes me want to go to a mosh pit and just get simple like there's no tomorrow! rockin' picks sis!

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  10. I can't believe while going through the posts today, that I know all these groups and songs, except for the BusBoys.

    Queen had so any hits, and i think they won the OSF this week.

    In high school and college we listened to Rage Against the Machine

  11. Shae...that Rage is...woooo!

    I am trying to forget the period of time that I blasted this music...it was dark...tee hee hee!

    Great choices!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Queen was the bomb, I wish I had been around then. Rage was still cool when I was in high school but Queen - they are the bomb.

  13. Love Queen! You and Regina was on the same page this week.
    I enjoyed this theme...check mine out when you can.
    And, I shared your sista post with my readers, thanks girlie ;-)

  14. @Danielle: >>>HUGZ<<< Big up to a fellow Bostonian. :-)

    @DP: Jane needs to get up with Rage. It would be some scary stuff!

    @Marcus: Doesn't it make you want to just smash a guitar or set a sound stage on fire? LOL

  15. @MrsM: Girl I used to blast Rage and watch other people's reactions. LOL Priceless.

    @Cooper: Yeah Queen was/still is the bomb.

    @Lisa: Girl I rocked Queen & Journey like there was no tomorrow.


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