Ne-Yo On Working With MJ

Ne-Yo On Working With MJ
Ne-Yo has been praising Michael Jackson's dedication towards his musical comeback.

The producer/singer/songwriter/actor, who is toping UK charts with his single 'Closer,' has been in the studio working his magic on a new MJ project.
"If [Michael] doesn't like something he'll explain to me why he doesn't like it. He'll say, 'I just think the melody could be better' or 'I think that a stronger lyric could go here'," Ne-Yo said.
Although Ne-Yo has yet to get into the studio with the (former?) King of Pop, he has been communicating with Michael Jackson via email, mp3s and phone calls.

I can't wait to hear what transpires from this collaboration and if it'll be conveniently leaked at a later date.

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  1. He is so excited to work with Michael I hope he doesn't get let down if he never makes it to th studio. I think he would be crushed.


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