Madness Surrounding Mo'Nique's Weight

Did Mo'Nique have weight loss surgery?
Oh boy, BBW everywhere are hopping mad and the rumor mill is blazing hot on this issue.

There is a rumor that comedian Mo'Nique is having/has had weight loss surgery. For years Mo'Nique has had major success campaigning for fat girls all across the globe.

She has penned books, hosted a show on television featuring a plus sized beauty pageant, and let's not forget how the comedian became well-known for her whole segment dedicated to being a BBW in her comedy act for the movie "Queens of Comedy."

All that being said, several of her fans who have been riding the big girl bandwagon with the former Parkers sitcom star, are feeling a bit betrayed.

I guess I can understand to a degree. If you are pushing something you don't believe in and you gain much success doing so, your fans may feel like you are a fraud.

But what about if you believed in it all until something changed? IF the rumor is in fact true, who says Mo'Nique wasn't told she had to have surgery? Would these fans feel the same say if she developed high blood pressure or diabetes? Would they encourage their favorite big girl comedian to do what she had to do to save her health?

Or would they dish the dirt while sitting around eating Ben & Jerry's, being pissed off and feeling bad for themselves and thinking they lost their very own spokesperson?

It's interesting to see the outrage at just the rumor that Mo'Nique may be getting the procedure done. I remember when Keri Russell cut her hair and fans of her show 'Felicity', went berserk and soon the show was canceled.

I'll be curious to see how things play if if Mo'Nique has in fact lost weight - which by the way, I believe is fantastic (see below).

Comedian Mo'Nique's weight loss Comedian Mo'Nique's weight loss


  1. Anonymous10:22 AM

    she looks so new am happy for her i loss 55 lb my self and i feel and look good

  2. Anonymous10:23 AM

    she looks so nice you go girl

  3. Anonymous10:13 AM

    I don't care how she lost it I am glad for her sake she did. 260 lbs on a 5'6" frame is crazy!! I am 5'9" and my highest was 245. I have always been athletic and medical issues contributed to my weight gain. I continued to try and play sports but my knees,back and left hip hurt so bad I couldn't do it. I am down to 160 and outside of losing my butt, I love it!! I can play volleyball and basketball again with no pain. I don't need the motrin and ice before or after anymore. So instead of the big girls hatin on her and how she did it they need to get on that bandwagon. If you can afford the weight loss surgery and your dr's say you are a candidate then by all means do it. It isn't a copout or a cheat some people need it for whatever reason. For those folks who say they are happy with their weight then fine be happy with it. I think most are lying when they say it but don't get angry with her because she is at a different place in her life now. That woman was by no means living a healthy lifestyle and I say good for her she is on her way.


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